Game Development Fundamentals with Unity

Learn the Game Engine behind the development of games like Call of Duty Mobile, Mario Kart Tour, Fall Guys, House Flipper and Pokemon Go!

Certificate of Completion included

What you'll learn

    Introduction to Unity Game Engine

  • Setting Up Unity Projects
  • Unity Interface and Unity Editor
  • Unity Game Objects and Assets
  • Running and Creating Unity Games
  • Introduction to C# for Game Development

  • C# Scripting Fundamentals
  • Intermediate C# Scripting
  • Introduction to Game Development on Unity Engine

  • Packet Manager System
  • Input Manager System
  • Scene Manager System
  • Unity Assets & Prefabs
  • Unity Console & Physics System
  • Unity Animations & Lighting
  • Game Deployment using Unity Engine

  • Build Settings, Quality and Export Settings
Game Development Fundamentals with Unity

General Content Guidelines

1 chapter • 10 lessons • Total duration: 2h 51m

Game Development Fundamentals - Unity Engine (C#)

10 lessons2h 51m


  • Personal Computer (Mac, Windows or Linux)
  • Unity Game Engine Software (Free)
  • Unity Sample Project (Free)
  • Basic understanding of Computer Games and Components is a plus but not mandatory.


Developed by Unity Technologies in 2005, Unity is a cross-platform game engine that can be used to develop both 2D/3D Games and Interactive Simulations, commonly used in Serious Games for Rehabilitation Purposes (Post-Stroke Patients, for example).

Aiming to democratize the Game Development Industry, Unity quickly made his way to the top by integrating well established frameworks and providing full support for Apple and Microsoft Platforms (including Mobile Development for both IOS and Android Devices).

Nicholas Bernhardt Zeman, the instructor responsible for tutoring this course, graduated in 3D Graphics at the University of Kentucky and established his own Digital Media Technology Company, RHZ Development LLC, where he produces functional games through gamification, mobile apps and mobile games under the studio brand “Little Fish Games” and RHZ Development.

By the end of the course, you’ll also be prompted with your well-deserved Certificate of Completion.

Original course created by Alex Genadinik