CSS3 Specialist - Professional Credential

Leverage your career and start designing quality digital documents by adding CSS3 to your skillset!

  • Certified CSS3 Specialist

Separate from the pack by becoming a Certified CSS3 Specialist!
Certificate of Completion included

What you'll learn

    CSS Fundamentals
  • CSS Toolbox
  • Internal, External and Inline CSS
  • CSS Color System (RGB, Hex)
  • Relationships and Selectors
  • Transitions and Animations
  • CSS Positioning, Displacement and Box Models
  • CSS Concepts
  • Complex CSS Animations (Keyframing)
  • Complex CSS Transformations
  • The Concept of Responsive Designing
  • Media-Querying
  • Emulators and Flexible Layouts
  • New Features in CSS3
    HTML Fundamentals
CSS3 Specialist - Professional Credential

General Content Guidelines

1 chapter • 9 lessons • Total duration: 1h 47m

CSS Specialist

9 lessons1h 47m

  • CSS - The Fundamentals

    View 12:29

  • CSS - Text Formatting

    View 17:26

  • CSS - Selectors

    View 11:01

  • CSS - Forms & Inputs


  • CSS - Basic Positioning


  • CSS - Advanced Positioning


  • CSS - Document Structure


  • CSS - Media Files


  • CSS - Animations & Transitions



  • Personal Computer (Mac, Windows or Linux)
  • Basic HTML knowledge is a plus but not mandatory.


Developed by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 1996, Cascading-Style Sheets (CSS) is a styling language that assumes its place amongst the core technologies of the World Wide Web. Its main objective is to simplify and improve the quality put into the process of making presentable quality websites, web pages and web applications.

Mark Lassof, the author and one of the instructors responsible for tutoring this course, has taught over 1 Million students over the internet and written over 7 books about Computer Programming. Mark is also the in-demand speaker of the Silicon Valley Code Camp and won the 2017 eLearning Guild Guildmaster Award.

By completing our Certification Program, enrolled students apply for the designation of CSS Specialist.

The Certification Program is fulfilled by first completing all course lessons (no calendar limit is imposed) and then successfully approving the exam (50 multiple-choice questions, minimum 80% scoring and possibility to apply again if things don't go well in the first try). After this, you’re awarded the CSS Specialist Certificate and given a recognized Badge that can be added to your personal LinkedIn page.

By the end of the course, you’ll also be prompted with your well-deserved Certificate of Completion.

Original course created by Alex Genadinik