HTML5 Specialist - Professional Credential

Leverage your career and start building quality structured digital documents by adding HTML5 to your skillset!

  • Certified HTML5 Specialist

Separate from the pack by becoming a Certified HTML5 Specialist!
Certificate of Completion included

What you'll learn

    HTML5 Foundations
  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Text-Formatting and Hyperlinks
  • HTML5 Scaffolding and Code Integration (CSS + PHP)
  • Server-Testing (Environment)
  • Debugging and Handling Errors
  • The Concept of Digital Media
  • Images Handling
  • Video and Audio Management
  • Image Optimization
  • Standard User-Interaction
  • Tables and iFrames
  • Forms and Inputs
  • Professional HTML5
  • External JavaScript
  • Search Engines Readiness (SEO)
  • Hexadecimal Color System
  • HTML5 APIs
  • HTML5 Frameworks
  • Photoshop to HTML5
  • CSS Fundamentals
  • CSS Selectors, Layouts and Box-Models
  • Responsive Design Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Responsive Designing
HTML5 Specialist - Professional Credential

General Content Guidelines

1 chapter • 18 lessons • Total duration: 2h 50m

HTML Specialist

18 lessons2h 50m

  • 06:30

  • 13:10

  • 09:15

  • 08:16

  • 05:01

  • 05:46

  • 09:52

  • 11:19

  • 15:32

  • 18:08

  • 07:43

  • 07:43

  • 09:14

  • 14:51

  • 13:09


  • Personal Computer (Mac, Windows or Linux)
  • Google Chrome Web Browser (Free)
  • Text Editor (Brackets Recommended - Free)


This course is specially designed to provide you with more than enough know-how so by completing it you’re fully capable to comprehend, build, develop and deploy web or mobile applications, from end-to-end, using toolsets such as PhoneGap Framework Application and jQuery UI Library.

Throughout 52 lessons, you’ll start by being introduced to HTML5 Fundamentals and soon dive into more advanced matters (Professional HTML5 Practice), while also grasping the fundamentals of both CSS and JavaScript (jQuery).

This Certificate Program also ensures you to be a Certified HTML5 Specialist, able to create and manage richful digital documents and a true expert in HTML5 fieldset and development process, both for mobile and web applications.

Mark Lassof, the author and one of the instructors responsible for tutoring this course, has taught over 1 Million students over the internet and written over 7 books about Computer Programming. Mark is also the in-demand speaker of the Silicon Valley Code Camp and won the 2017 eLearning Guild Guildmaster Award.

Each section, 10 in total, has its own assessment and by completing all course-lessons you’ll be prompted with your well-deserved Certificate of Completion.

Original course created by Alex Genadinik